I surely cannot describe myself as a professional artist, as the majority of your community's subscribers.
Art has been my passion during all my life, to which unfortunately I can dedicate only my spare time, always too little.
I have been always keen on creating and inventing objects, surely helped and ecouraged by my father Bruno whose imagination and ability were great.
My interest and feeling are mainly devoted to artistic activities and "bricolage". I often use recycled materials and in fact my relation with those materials becomes a continuous spur to the creation of something new.
I invent ... every idea coming out of my head. The problem is to protect my creations from the attacks of my children, Elisa and Andrea.
I draw inspiration for my works from my favourite artists, i.e. Mirò, Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, Munari, Magritte, Dalì, Haring and many other moderns.
I hope this page is worth publishing, at least to reward my everlasting wish to create